Baby Steps in Babyland

November 9, 2013

Lots of pictures, not so many words. I can’t help it, he’s a cutie!

Together, that is. The house is together! Everything…. wait, no…. most things have a place. Some things are still sitting around waiting to find a home. Baby steps, everything will find a home eventually. But, now, it feels like home. Micah’s babyland room is cozy, with space for my moon chair to nurse him and all his stuffed animals.

Micah Mirror

Plus his little Fisher Price rocking chair (part of his old 3-in-1 baby swing) which he LOVES to climb up on and shake. And all his toys are out in the living room so he can play all day long (except during nap time).

Micah Rocker

Baby Steps: Micah took his First Steps!

He’s not quite 11 months old, but Micah takes steps! Little, shaky baby steps. One or two and then he falls down, but he’s so proud of himself and we are so proud of him. He also walks along furniture, but he crawls when he really wants to go somewhere.

Micah Standing

He also seems so smart! He puts his train “together”, puts items down a tube, finds items we hide, and knows exactly where his snacks are.

Micah oooo face

Bedtime has gotten rougher because he knows crying and pointing at the door are his only chance of getting out of the room.

Micah up past bedtime

Arizona is Beautiful!

We went hiking up Christmas Tree Pass (there aren’t any Christmas trees that I saw, just rocks, sand, petroglyphs, and tarantulas). It was really fun! We are looking forward to go back. And Peter enjoyed finding a tarantula to pet.


And Vegas is close by, so we spent one day there just walking around seeing the crazy expensive, beautiful displays in the casinos. And Micah loved exploring in his Radio Flyer (review coming soon!)

Vegas LeavesMicah Radio Flyer

Baby’s First Halloween

Micah dressed up as an…. Ewok! He was super cute. Our secret: we bought the bear costume after halloween last year, knowing he would be born and needing it, and got the orange fabric super cheap at a goodwill type store. Yay for cheap costumes! Peter used a monk robe and clothes he had to make himself a Jedi. And I used a cloth meant to be a wrap to be Hawaiian…. it didn’t fit our theme, but it was last second as I was originally supposed to be at work.

Micah Ewok

Speaking of work, I’m back at it! 36 hours a week,,,, ooffdaa… It’s a lot, and I hate being away from baby, especially when I miss his first steps and have to put him to bed when I get home, which we both hate. Moms, how do you balance work, life, and family? Any tips?

Micah Halloween


  1. Your pictures are great! Micah made such a cute Ewok!

  2. He’s very precious, and the love I can feel in your words when you write about him jumps out at me! Good job, mama.

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