Adventures of Busy Baby

June 24, 2013

What activities are there for a 6 month old? How can I keep my baby entertained?

In the words of Micah: Da da da da baba dada daaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa!
Seriously, this little man in BUSY! Bring on the summer activities.

He’s figured out rolling over and wiggling in circles on his tummy. He often has free run of a chunk of space in our living room and he has successfully figured out how to cover the whole thing. If he sees a toy he wants, even 4 feet away, his little 1-foot long arms can get it. I turn my back to start the dishes and when I look back he’s lying 3 feet away from his start point! So we surround him with toys and try to keep him entertained until he’s ready for another nap.

Brown eyes baby

Summer Activity #1:
Sitting up is a good challenge, and he’s getting so good at it! I’ve set out blankets on the floor so he can sit and play with his toys (because lying down all day just isn’t good enough anymore) and if he tips over the blankets offer padding (BIG head, little arms…..).
Sitting safely

Summer Activity #2:

With summer here, we’ve been swimming (once so far) with the lovely cousin Molly, they had so much fun! And her baby-sized pool was perfect for sitting in empty too! When Micah tipped over, the air-cushioned pool floor made a soft landing pad for that precious head. It made out weekend-long garage sale at their house much more fun!

Summer Activity #3

Spending lots of time outside (after smothering on the sunscreen), Micah loves playing in the grass and watching the constant activity of the outside world. We’ve been to feed the ducks, watch the cars, and observe other people.


Summer Activity #4

Naked time! Summer means it’s hot, and we just have a window cooling unit, so Micah gets to spend lots of time in just his diaper rolling around on the floor feeling everything. He seems to love being naked!

Keep coming back for more activities in the episodes of the Adventures of Busy Baby!


  1. courtney b says:

    lol wow he sure is busy!:) especially in the pool!

  2. thanks for all Micah’s cute pictures of this fun times. My grandson when he was his age loved to play with a plastic spoon and a kettle or two (making soup) another of his favorites was (noisy) he loved banging on the kettles too. Tho when it was time to go out for him for some reason or other he didnt like the feeling of the grass on his feet.
    kids are so funny. Plenty of sunscreen or shade for Micah – they burn so easily.

  3. Get him used to the baby pool and then take him to a kiddy pool. Get him comfortable in the water.

  4. Robin Wilson says:

    I think Micah is so cute and yep he’s busy ~ but there’s only so much to keep one that age entertained. Won’t be long before he is crawling and then the real fun starts!

  5. That is one busy and cute baby!

  6. Sylvia Ortiz says:

    Thanks for the baby activity tips! It will come in handy when babysitting our 8-month old grandson – although we did find out that he didn’t like the feel of grass touching his bare feet 🙂

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