B. Toys–Hello Phone!

September 22, 2011

Ethan loves the phone.  Not just loves it – he wants to EAT it.  We always have issues with being near him while the phone is around. 

I thought a new phone might steer his attention away from ours..


In comes B. Toys – A great company who sells their toys online as well as a variety of stores, like Target!


If you’re like me, and you’ve browsed the isles at Target, you’ve probably seen the B. Toys Hello Phone.  And at a great price, around $14.95. 

It’s a neat phone with some cool features.  Not only does it look like a flip phone – It also can record your voice and therefore you can ‘talk’ to your child on it!


To record your voice, you simply hold down the ‘record’ button and then talk into the phone.  Let go of the record button when you are finished.  When you want to play the recording, press play – it’s sort of like the ‘talk’ button on the phone!DSC00659

There is a small ‘lock’ button on the bottom of the phone to hold the voice recording – but it is not toddler proof, so it’s not for making a long lasting message that you intend on keeping forever as a sentimental gift – but it’s fun for playtime!


It is packed so nicely and can double as it’s own gift-wrap as well – perfect if you’re on-the-go and you need a quick gift for a toddler.  Andrew has seemingly claimed this toy as his own. He likes to pretend to talk to people (Like Daddy or Grandma) on it.  Funny thing is – when you give him the real phone to talk on, he won’t say a word!  BX1032-pkg-sv-white

Ethan likes anything that he’s not allowed to have. But when I’m on the phone, I simply hand over this phone so he can push the buttons on his own phone.   It works for a tiny bit – maybe just long enough for me to move away from him! Otherwise I’m not sure Ethan fully appreciates the phone yet, but he will!

Check out B. Toys on Facebook or Twitter, and check out all their other great toys at http://justb-byou.com/.



  1. Mandy Kauffman says:

    My toddler is obsessed with our phones, too! Maybe Santa will have to bring him one of these this year…

  2. heather stewart says:

    looks like one of the many toy phones we have around our house. I think the one I’m thinking of was bought at target, so maybe it is the same phone.

  3. I love the recording/playback option – seems like kids would have so much fun with that!

  4. Phones and remote controls. It’s a pain keeping it away from him 🙂 These look like fun, I might get one and pretend to use it myself and only let him have it every once in a while, maybe he’ll think it’s the real deal. hahaha

  5. I love B. Toys. I have my eye on a few for later development stages.

  6. Phones have always been a “toy” for our kids. This one looks neat. I need to find the age range for it. I have a little one about to turn 1 and this would be a cute gift!

  7. My son is also obsessed with my phone! Someone mentioned the remote too…also an obsession! Does B Toys make a remote too?? I’ll have to check.

  8. Christina C says:

    My toddler son is the same. Wants everything he can’t have, especially phones, remote controls, keys, and laptops. I have been looking for a good toy phone for him. This one looks cute. I just wish it came in black or silver so it looks more authentic. My kiddo is not easily fooled 😉

  9. We have this same phone and it’s a fave of my son’s! We like to stick it in our diaper bag when we are heading to a restaurant because it keeps him busy.

  10. I love that it allows you to record a voice!

  11. what a great phone! this post made me laugh because my little guy is just like that- he also wants what he can’t have!

    annae07 at aol dot com

  12. My son would love this. He is always trying to steal my best friends phone when she is over at our house. I guess my phone isn’t as “Cool” as hers!

  13. Bianca Roman says:

    My son had a similar phone where it flips around and you could also record voices..and it had different buttons for different ‘people’ in his phone that were already pre-programmed which I thought was neat!

  14. what cute packaging! looks like a fun toy.

  15. I had seen it before, but I wasn’t sure how great it was. Thanks for this review! I’ll have to pick it up for my daughter the next time I’m at Target. I love B.Toys

  16. This looks great, my nieces are at the age where they are always taking my cell phone!

  17. That phone looks like so much fun!!

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