13-27 weeks. Baby grows from the size of a peach to a rutabaga (just a little bigger than a head of lettuce)! Baby already has fingerprints and a heart beat (developed first trimester) and now develops face and ears! Plus vocal cords and much of the brain! Tons goes on with baby during the second trimester, and you will definitely notice a lot of changes in you too!

Second Trimester Mommy:

Feeling good! You might start feeling better as the nausea goes down and your energy (maybe) picks back up a bit.

Getting Fatter! Not really fatter, just bigger. You’ll start to show and the fun on maternity clothes shopping begins!

Heartburn. Heartburn was my worst enemy with Micah. I combatted it with TUMs, though your doctor might recommend a daily heartburn pill to help instead. The old wives tale is that heartburn means baby has hair, Micah sure did, so who knows. Try to avoid foods that cause heartburn and don’t eat right before bed. Keep some TUMs around, and talk to your doctor if it gets bad.

Fatigue. Your body is working hard to grow a baby, eat healthy and get rest! Check out my previous post.

Baby kicks! about 16-20 weeks you’ll notice odd kicks and moves in your belly. Enjoy, it’s baby dancing and growing. Eventually the kicks might hurt, but second trimester kicks are mostly entertaining.

Sex drive…. Some women notice an increase in sex drive, some don’t. Don’t pack away all your lingerie, your hubby probably thinks that growing belly is sexy…plus

Boob growth! Your hubby will like this one, your breasts will get bigger. They will probably get sore too, so get good, supportive bras and don’t forget to put your anti-stretch lotion on your ladies too!

Hormones: happy, crying, worrying, and more. Your emotions can jump quickly, so keep tabs on your thoughts and attitudes to keep it in check. And beat the blues by doing things you enjoy! Let your husband or support person in on your feelings, you don’t have to keep it all in.

Vivid dreams. With Micah, I had some crazy real, scary or just odd, dreams. Sometimes I would wake up mad at Peter because he had been mean to me, in my dreams, and I woke up feeling like they were very real. When you wake up, make sure you can tell reality apart from dreams. I’ve also had work dreams and woke up feeling like I’d already worked an entire, horrible shift.

Soft tender gums and nosebleeds. Brush your teeth nicely and often to keep them healthy! And just plain be nice to your nose.

Post nasal drip and more saliva. That icky feeling in the back of your throat, and way more drool at night…. yea, icky, but pregnancy makes thicker snot and more spit. Talk to your doctor if it’s really annoying, otherwise prop up your pillows and night and keep a glass of water at hand during the day to help clear your mouth.


When to contact the Doctor:

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