A Few of My Favorite Things: Gifts for Kids at Best Buy

December 13, 2012

As promised, I’m Continuing on with the previous list I made of Gifts For Her at Best Buy. This time we’re talking Gifts for Kids at Best Buy!

This was a little more complicated, because I am focusing here more on younger kids (because that’s what I have!) and what they would like.  I found a variety of things that I’m sure my kids would be thrilled to get, that you might not have otherwise thought to be purchased at Best Buy!

Gifts for Kids1

All pricing on the image is accurate at the time that I’m making the image, and cannot be used as a ‘price match’ of any sorts!

1. Nostalgia Electrics – Hard Candy Cotton Candy Maker How much fun is this! It spins Cotton Candy from Hard Candies!

2. Apple – iPod touch 16GB MP3 Player (4th Generation) I know that kids (especially younger ones) don’t *need* an iPod Touch, but my kids love playing with my iPod Touch!

3. Sony – 9″ Widescreen Portable DVD Player The portable DVD player is essential in our house – So mom and dad can use the TV and the kids can watch their movies. I also <3 Sony.

4. SpeakerCraft – Paul Frank Julius Dance Machine Portable Speaker Dock for Apple iPod I love that this is cute, and a great price! It even has good reviews!  They also have the Paul Frank – CD/CD-R/RW/MP3/Apple iPod Boombox with AM/FM Radio for those who prefer CD’s and Radio.

5. Laser Laces – Shoelaces These look so cool, and are a great gift for kids with laces – and a great price.  They come in multi colors, blue, or pink.

6. nabi 2 Tablet – 8GB Memory The nabi 2 Tablet is a great option for little ones who want to play with mom & dad’s iPad.  I love that it uses it’s own store that is verifying all apps that they do not have clickable ads or anything that little eyes shouldn’t see.  It also has a ‘chore list’ with incentives to complete the chores! Very neat, and has great reviews online!


That’s all for this list! I hope you enjoyed it! Keep your eyes peeled for the next list!

Are any of these things on your kids’ lists?

Yes, This is a sponsored post by Best Buy – all opinions however, are 100% my own – and I picked all of the items on my list personally.  Also, this post contains my affiliate links for Best Buy – Please support this site by clicking my links before you purchase! Open-mouthed smile


  1. These are some great gift ideas! I’m loving the cotton candy maker!!

  2. Crystal @ Surviving a Teacher's Salary says:

    I love the Paul Frank dock – SO cute!

  3. The dvd player is perfect for keeping little ones amused on road trips

  4. No, but the nabi 2 Tablet is a great product.

  5. vickei couturier says:

    that sock monkey is cute,,all of those are nice,im sure they would love any of them

  6. The Paul Frank speaker is adorable!

  7. christina moore says:

    I love the Paul Frank dock

  8. Jenny Sims says:

    My son would love that Paul Frank speaker dock, he’s crazy about music!

  9. Jennifer Hedden says:

    I know it is past Christmas but these are great gifts for any occasion. These are all great gifts, but my nieces would love the Hard Candy Cotton Candy Maker. I think they would also enjoy the Laser Laces – Shoelaces and the nabi 2 Tablet – 8GB Memory. Thank you for sharing these great gift ideas!

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