So just a question for y’all!  What do you think of the ads? Are they good? bad? don’t care?? My husband said he finds them a bit distracting – but I want to know what you, my readers think!

I know I said, well pretty much more than a month ago that I was going to have a new blog design. but its not here… yet.  My designer is rather.. How do I say this nicely? Slow (and it’s quite frustrating) but it will be here soon…  I hope. Here’s a sneak peek!imageWhenever it is finally complete, Please excuse the mess, and please PLEASE PLEASE comment to me or send me an email if you notice anything funky that needs changing (even something small like – I don’t like this comment form because it’s too much work, etc) I try to make things as simple and easy as possible, because I know how precious your time is, and want you to come back!

I am having another mini-event in two weeks! Its going to be a Spring Cleaning and other Home Projects event! more details will soon follow with opportunities for extra entries as well 🙂

Thanks for your opinions!

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